google anti spam algorithm update

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Yesterday, June 28, the second part of Google anti-spam update was released

This Google update affects both web results and images and is a global update.

Google released the second part of the “anti-spam update” yesterday, June 28th. The update appeared after the release of the first part on June 23rd.
The second part of our spam update started today and will also end today, unless we tell you otherwise,” Google said.
Influence. Both parts of this spam update were “global” updates targeting both web results and images, according to Google’s Danny Sullivan.

It was Google’s update in two parts.

Plus, there are many updates going on. Search Engine Optimizers have released several search updates over the past three months:

  • The product review update started on April 8th and ended on April 22nd.
  • The June core update started on June 2 and ended on June 12.
  • The page experience update began on June 15 and will last until the end of August.
  • Anti-spam update, part one, 23 June.
  • Anti-spam update, part two, 28 June.
  • In addition, a July core update is expected.

If you notice a change in your rankings, it may be due to Google’s anti-spam efforts, so make sure your site is compliant with Google’s guidelines.

It was a global release that affected web and image searches, so if you see a ranking change on the 23rd or 28th, it could be due to spam issues.

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