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Any business has the opportunity to reach global markets through its website. However, merely translating the content may not be enough to effectively engage with potential customers from different cultures.


This is where website localisation comes into play. With DVMAGIC‘s professional website translation and localisation services, you can unlock the true potential of your global online presence.


Partner with us for expert website localisation services and unlock the vast potential of European and Asian markets. Enhance your global presence, connect with local audiences, and achieve unprecedented success. Contact us today to discuss your specific website localisation needs and embark on an exciting journey to conquer new territories.


We are your trusted partner in website localisation. Rely on our expertise and let your success story unfold in diverse European and Asian language markets.

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    What is Website Localisation

    More than just Translation

    Website localisation extends beyond simple translation. It is a comprehensive process that involves adapting your website not only in terms of language but also incorporating cultural, functional, and design aspects to suit the specified target market.


    The Difference between Website Translation and Localisation


    Website translation and localisation may seem similar, but they are two different aspects. Translation involves converting one language to another, while localisation encompasses adapting your website to meet the characteristics and expectations of an entirely new market. It takes into account elements such as currency, date and time formats, cultural references, and more.


    The Significance of a Digital Experience in Website Localisation


    A localised digital experience means creating a fluent and responsive interaction between the user and the digital environment. It means your website should be intuitive, engaging, and accessible to the specific market, which in turn boosts user satisfaction and ultimately, loyalty.


    Importance of Localising Your Website to Meet Global Internet Usage Trends


    There is a significant advantage that comes with localising your website. Not only does it assist in reaching more internet users globally, but it also helps in understanding the potential market’s buying habits, preferences, and trends, leading to a tailored marketing strategy.


    The Process of Website Localisation — More than Meets the Eye


    The website localisation process involves initial project evaluation, translation and Localisation of content, adaptation of visual elements, functionality testing, SEO localisation, and finally, ongoing support and updates.

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    Which Parts of My Website Can I Localise?


    Almost every part of your website can be Localised. This includes web content, metadata, graphics, SEO elements, components like forms and CTA buttons, and even error messages.


    Deciding on a Multilingual URL Structure


    Choosing a suitable URL structure for your localised website can be critical for SEO. The common choices are ccTLDs, subdomains, or subdirectories, each having its own benefits and drawbacks.


    The Quality of Localised Content — Does It Matter?


    Undeniably, yes. Quality matters immensely in website localisation. High-quality localised content not only improves user experience but also helps in gaining the trust of your target audience, increases traffic, and propels your website’s SEO rankings.


    How Can I Start Localising My Website?


    The best way to start localising your website is to partner with a professional localisation services provider. An expert partner will provide strategic direction and ensure a seamless and effective localisation process.


    DVMAGIC is a trusted provider of both website translation and localisation services. We cater to a plethora of European languages and also various Asian languages, ensuring high-quality, culturally sensitive, and SEO-optimised website localisation.

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    Expert Website Translation and Localisation Services for Success in European and Asian Markets


    We understand that achieving success in international markets depends on how well your website resonates with the preferences and cultural norms of local audiences. At our core, we are dedicated to your success. We guarantee professional and precise website translation and localisation that captures the essence of each target region’s language and culture.


    Our specialization includes website translation and localisation in the following languages and more:


    ☑️ English — The language of global business and communication, enabling you to reach a broad audience across multiple countries.

    ☑️ German — The language of technological advancement and innovation, providing access to the key European market.

    ☑️ French — The language of elegance and refinement that captivates customers in France and Canada.

    ☑️ Spanish — The language of passion and dynamism, opening doors to previously inaccessible markets in Spain and Latin America.

    ☑️ Russian — The language of a vast and influential market, allowing you to reach millions of potential customers in Russia and other Russian-speaking countries. With our expertise in Russian localisation, we can help you create an authentic user experience that resonates with the Russian-speaking audience, ultimately expanding your global opportunities.

    ☑️ In addition to our European language expertise, we also offer professional website translation / localisation services for selected Asian languages

    ☑️ And many other languages!


    No matter the language, we have the expertise to provide professional website translation and localisation services tailored to your specific target audience and market.

    Website Translation and Localisation

    We are your reliable partner in website localisation

    Website Translation / Localisation Pricing

    Tailored Solutions for Your Budget and Goals


    At DVMAGIC, we understand that each business has unique needs and budgets. That’s why we provide flexible pricing solutions tailored to fit your goals.


    Whether you’re a small business expanding into a new market or a multinational corporation targeting multiple countries, DVMAGIC has pricing options to meet your requirements.


    With transparent pricing and no hidden costs, you can confidently invest in website localisation or translation, knowing you’ll receive high-quality services that provide value for your money.

    Up to 600 words



    Writing product descriptions, social media posts, or website articles up to 600 words. Basic techniques and skills are used. Example work: website information page (400–600 words)

    €25 – €50

    Estimated Delivery:

    2-3 business days

    Up to 1500 words



    Writing website articles, blog posts, press releases, or marketing content up to 1500 words. Analysis, research and compositional skills are required. Example work: featured website article (600-800 words)

    €50 – €150

    Estimated Delivery:

    3-5 business days

    ABOVE 1500 WORDS



    Writing complex texts such as sales copy, email newsletters, advertising materials, or long-form articles above 1500 words. Professional approach, deep research, and analytical skills are necessary. Example work: target marketing content (2500–3000 words)

    €125 – €250

    Estimated Delivery:

    5-7 business days

    Perfect Localisation — The Guarantee of Success


    We recognise that successful website localisation lies in the meticulous attention to every detail. Our approach goes beyond mere translation, focusing on creating culturally adapted and engaging content that resonates with the target audience. From design to functionality, we adhere to the highest standards and best practices in website localisation.


    Language Experts for Every Market


    Our team comprises skilled professionals fluent in each language for which we offer translation and localisation services. Every translator and localiser possesses superior cultural adaptation skills and expertise in international marketing strategies. We ensure accurate and compelling localised content that maximises engagement and conversion rates.


    Expand Your Horizons with Expert Website translation / Localisation Services


    Partner with us for expert website translation and localisation services and unlock the vast potential of European and Asian markets. Enhance your global presence, connect with local audiences, and achieve unprecedented success. Contact us today to discuss your specific website localisation needs and embark on an exciting journey to conquer new territories.


    We are your trusted partner in website translation / localisation. Rely on our expertise and let your success story unfold in diverse European and Asian markets.

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