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SEO services


Our company provides a full range of SEO services to enhance your online presence worldwide. We specialize in website and content optimization for various languages and countries. Our services include:


✅ Analysis of your business niche and competitors in the target market;
✅ Developing an effective SEO strategy to boost your online visibility;
✅ Optimizing your website for the target market;
✅ Regular monitoring of website rankings across the target market countries;
✅ Creating and promoting content suitable for the target market;
✅ Localizing your website and content for the target market;
✅ Link building to improve your website’s domain authority.


We offer a bespoke and personalized approach for each individual client.


Our services start from €350 (SEO for Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania) and from €750 (UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Zuid Afrika)

The costings depend on the scope of work, the number of languages, and countries you want to cover.


We guarantee full transparency and quality of service. The timeframe for project delivery may vary depending on the scope of work required.

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SEO copywriting services


Our company offers professional copywriting services designed to enhance your online presence worldwide. We work with experienced writers who create high-quality and engaging content suitable for your business needs. Languages we cover include:


🇬🇧 English
🇫🇷 French
🇩🇪 German
🇮🇹 Italian
🇪🇸 Spanish
🇵🇱 Polish
🇷🇺 Russian


Our services include:


✍️ Creating bespoke and engaging content for your business needs, in our vast range of languages;
🌐 Optimizing your copy for the target market;
🇬🇧 Translation between languages;
🔬 Proofreading and editing services.


Our pricing structure is flexible and is based on the scope, urgency, and complexity of the work required.

Our services start from €0.06 per word. Discounts and bonuses are available for clients with multi-lingual content requirements.

We guarantee quality service and fast delivery of your project.


Answers to Key Questions

What is the contract duration?

We don’t require a long-term contract. Our collaboration will continue on an indefinite basis. If either party decides to terminate the partnership, they must give the other party 30 days’ advance notice.

Would you be open to price negotiation?

Our pricing reflects the minimum profitability threshold necessary to provide our services, including SEO, copywriting, and other offerings, for enhancing the SEO of websites. However, we are willing to consider negotiating the price for our long-term clients.

What payment methods are accepted?

We offer a range of payment methods, most convenient for our services in specific countries.

When can you start work on website SEO?

Our specialists are ready to start immediately. If you have an operational website, our team can begin working on the following business day. The specifics of the work and the present workload of our team determine the exact timing.

What kinds of websites do you NOT work with?

We never work with political websites, websites with political connotations, or even sites that appear to be political. We don’t engage with scammers, or those who appear to be scamming others.

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