SEO Pricing for International Markets 2024

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SEO pricing 2024 — Effective from January, we are revising our SEO pricing for international markets:


• SEO for English-language websites in the USA / Canada / United Kingdom – from €700


  • Includes copywriting (American / British English + Spanish for the USA)
  • The cost of SEO in the USA / Canada / UK also depends on niche competition and the type of SEO approach (local / nationwide)


• SEO for websites in Australia and New Zealand – from €500


  • Includes copywriting (Aussie / Kiwi English)
  • SEO pricing in Australia and New Zealand varies depending on industry competition and the type of SEO services required


• SEO in Europe:


  • France, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Russia – from €500
  • Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia – from €400
  • Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania – from €300
  • Copywriting fees are discussed separately, subject to language/dialect requirements
  • The cost of SEO in European countries also depends on niche competitiveness, keyword frequency, and the selected SEO strategy


• SEO in Dubai and Turkey – from €500


  • Excludes copywriting
  • SEO pricing for Dubai, Turkey, and other Middle Eastern countries is contingent upon niche competition and the language/languages used for optimisation


• SEO for Chinese-language websites: Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore – from €1000


  • Excludes copywriting


• SEO in Latin America – from €400


  • Spanish copywriting is included, Brazilian Portuguese is subject to separate negotiation


  • Wow, I didn’t realize I needed to take out a mortgage to afford SEO in the USA. What a bargain!

  • Wow, looks like I’ll have to start saving up if I want to get my website optimized for China! Better start looking for loose change under the couch cushions.

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