google anti spam algorithm update

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Google confirmed an anti-spam algorithm update on June 23, 2021

Google’s Danny Sullivan has confirmed that an anti-spam algorithm update is being implemented in search results.

The release of the update ended on June 23, 2021. The second anti-spam update will be out in a week.

The exact details of this particular update were not provided. Although Google regularly releases anti-spam updates to maintain the quality of search results.

It is unlikely that a website complying with Google’s Webmaster Guidelines has much to worry about with this anti-spam algorithm.

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Google has a clear definition of what it considers spam. First, these are low-quality sites that trick users into providing personal information (phishing) or installing malware (Malware).

Anti-spam updates also target phishing attacks and other cybercriminals on the Internet who are trying to break through into the top of the search by posing as highly relevant pages.

That being said, even sites that follow Google’s recommendations are also quite vulnerable to hacking. If a site is not properly secured, it can send spam to users without even knowing it.

Google’s annual anti-spam report shows that the number of hacked sites (doorways on hacked sites, malware scripts etc.) is very common. If your site suddenly drops in rank after this anti-spam update or next week’s update, it’s worth checking your site’s security and looking for signs of a possible hack.

Your site is hit by anti-spam update?

If your site is hit by this anti-spam update, it will either be downgraded in search results or removed from the Google index.

In announcing this update, Sullivan refers to an April blog post detailing the results of Google’s recent anti-spam efforts.

Last year, Google’s automated systems blocked 25 billion spam pages from indexing in daily search results.

On how Google fights spam, Sullivan links to the video:


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