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What is important for Organic SEO


Organic SEO importance. What determines the quality of a keyword in SEO?
The number of searches, which is the average monthly number of searches for a given keyword on Google.

Naturally, the higher this number is, the more potential customers you can direct to your site using this word, competition i.e. how many companies will be potentially interested in positioning a given phrase / keyword.

Relevance – the better your keyword matches your product or service, the more likely users who find your site using that keyword will actually turn into customers.

Content production is equally important.

Most online stores have too short product and category descriptions.
In addition, they are often copied from the websites of manufacturers or other stores.
This can lower your Google ranking, which promotes original content.
That is why it is worth investing in unique descriptions.

We help our partners get the highest positions in search results, optimizing the content of their pages using the best industry practices and the latest trends in Organic Search Engine Optimization.

We use proven SEO techniques so that our partners’ websites gain the highest position in the rankings of free search engines for individual keywords and phrases.


The impact of Organic SEO

Currently, the Internet is the basic source of knowledge about companies and services.
If you are not in Google, you simply don’t exist for many people.

Think about whether:

  • can you see your page after entering the most important phrases for you in Google?
  • do you have a website, but you have never promoted it online?
  • are you just creating a website for your company and would like to develop a promotion strategy now?
  • are you promoting your website, but you are not happy with the results?
  • do you want to grow your business and increase your revenues?
  • Do you want to become a leader in your industry?
  • are you aware that nowadays you just have to be on Google?

If you answered ‘yes’ to one of these questions, please contact us.
We will prepare an offer and a free quote for you.


The main purpose of Organic SEO of each website is to increase its visibility in search engine results.
Increasing its network coverage should also go hand in hand with the increase in website traffic, and therefore more potential customers who will see your offer.

Undoubtedly, the higher the position we take on Google, the higher the probability that the internet user will visit your website.
According to statistics, the first position in Google can gain as much as 34% of traffic from this search engine.

It is worth making sure that your website is on the first position!

For example, according to Keyword Planner, only the phrase “furniture online store” (without similar queries) is searched about 22,000 times a month.
Taking first place in the search results, we can therefore count on 34%, so as many as 7,480 visits – and it’s only on a monthly basis!

How does Google determine the order of pages displayed?

Every page that is available on Google had to be visited by the web crawlers of this search engine and saved in its index.
This means that the search engine reached the site, “read” its content and saved it in its database.

But how does Google know which site should be in the first place, which in tenth and which should not be presented to the user at all?

Advanced algorithms created by Google are responsible for such assessment of pages and ordering the site in search results. Their task is to evaluate the site and decide on which position it should appear.

Google declares that when determining the ranking of pages, hundreds of different indicators are taken into account, which additionally undergo thousands of updates every year!

Ranking Factors

Examples of ranking factors indicated in the above document relate primarily to the construction and content of the page, including:

  • News content;
  • The number of other sites that contain links to your site, and the weight of those links;
  • Words within the site;
  • Search keyword synonyms;
  • Correct spelling;
  • Quality of content;
  • URL and page title;

Such frequent changes and advanced process make search results better and better.
At the same time, proper positioning of a page in Google requires constant keeping of pulse and extensive knowledge of this field.

How does Organic SEO look like?

The positioning range consists of activities that in the basic version can be divided into two main groups:

On-page SEO work – all technical activities undertaken directly on the website that we promote.
The on-page activities include all changes invisible to the average internet user (i.e. optimization of the source code of the website),
as well as activities aimed at changing the appearance of the website, including primarily the optimization of its content.

Off-page SEO work – consists in increasing the popularity of the page on the Internet.
High popularity should affect the growing number of high quality links leading to a positioned domain, which is the main goal of off-page work.
The value of incoming links is crucial for site positions in Google.

What works are carried out as part of Search Engine Optimization depends on the specifics of the website and the agreed scope of cooperation.

As a general rule, the strategic aspects of SEO are:

Search Engine Optimization – adapting the website to both search mechanisms and Internet users’ preferences, including:
code optimization – through, among others organizing the internal structure of the website, removing significant errors in the code;
content optimization for the necessary key phrases;
Link Building – promoting the website on external websites through one-way linking;


Search Engine Optimisation Factors

Because each site is evaluated individually, there is no one recipe for successful website positioning.
When conducting analyzes, we take into account many factors, such as:

  • meta tags
  • HTML code structure
  • structure and its navigation,
  • HTML and content headers
  • duplicate content,
  • site availability for web robots,
  • outbound and inbound links.

Our specialists analyze not only the website that’s being positioned, but also the analysis of current search results and competition websites.

Stages of Organic SEO

The first stage of organic SEO is the optimization of the most important technical factors.
The site will be optimized in such a way that the crawlers can correctly index the full structure of the website without unnecessary internal duplicates and low value pages.

We will also make sure that the website correlates with the most important key phrases.

On the next stage, the content of the page and its visual layout are subject to optimization.
Content, its quantity, its correspondence with key phrases and related words can be considered one of the most important ranking factors.

In addition to typically technical activities, throughout the period of our cooperation we also carry out additional off-page activities, including, primarily, providing links that are very useful to gain high positions in Google

Organic SEO is a huge opportunity for all companies, both small and large corporations.

A well-planned and carefully carried out promotion in organic search results can bring long-term effects in the form of e.g. increased website traffic or greater brand recognition.

It is worth trusting Organic SEO specialists, who have been supporting many companies in search engine promotion for years.

During the term of the contract, individual guardians will be at your disposal who will gladly answer all your bothering questions.

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