website marketing

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Website Marketing (synonyms – online marketing, web marketing) is a complex of online marketing products and services, provided by creative and technically skilled stuff. Internet marketing technologies can reach the users even they want to avoid any contacts with advertising.

Such techniques include:

  • Organic SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Search Engine Marketing (PPC and media)
  • SMM (social media marketing)
  • E-mail affiliate marketing
  • Content marketing

Advantages of Website Marketing

The main advantage of Internet marketing is the possibility of in-depth analysis and sufficiently accurate measurement of funds, spent on certain campaign through’ multiple instruments. Unlike traditional media, website marketing has many verifiable indicators such as clicks, visits, SERP positions, traffic, facts of ordering, filing forms, subscribers, etc. That’s the reason why in the times of any economic crisis, it will be so much to say about the benefits of web marketing: because the advertiser has a clear idea where went his budget and can get a detailed picture of performance.

Another distinct advantage is an opportunity to expand coverage of clients involving the other regions and countries. Creating a website and promoting it by different methods of online marketing, the business owner immediately gets the audience of people, who at least knows the language of his web resource. English-language sites are being read by users around the world, so no need a separate expensive advertising campaigns in each country. It is also important that Internet is the fastest growing media channel, unlike traditional media, which consistently losing their audience.

Therefore, today’s Website marketing provides a strong base in the popularity of any brand promoted in web for many years forward. Internet marketing strategy is based on the most direct and targeted contact with the consumer. Currently, internet marketing is aimed to develop new tools, more precise for targeting and personalizing advertising, development of new formats that come from traditional media to Internet (for ex. podcasts – from radio, video and online video broadcasts or TV; as well emerging in web innovative types of resources (currently social resources, such as, for ex.

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