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Google continues to develop its policy on the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to generate content.

At the Google Search Central Live Tokyo 2023 conference, Gary Illyes and other Google representatives addressed several questions regarding AI usage.

Google emphasized the importance of content quality, irrespective of whether it was manually created or generated via AI.


Google’s Approach to AI Content: Preference for High-quality Content Irrespective of its Origin


During the conference, a Google representative stated that they do not currently plan to label content created with AI.

Moreover, Google advises content creators to review AI-generated material for inaccuracies and issues that may arise due to the absence of human oversight.

Additionally, translated content should be evaluated to consider language nuances and emotional context.


Google urges content creators to ensure that AI-generated content adheres to high-quality standards to maintain user satisfaction and engagement.

Although the company does not require that images generated via AI be labeled, there is a recommendation that images be associated with metadata.


Natural Content is Best


While AI offers unique opportunities for content creation, Google stresses that its algorithms prefer natural language content in search results rankings.

The priority is on high-quality content, irrespective of the method used to produce it.


AI and E-A-T


Google continues to actively develop content creation using AI, although a critical criterion for the company is E-A-T, which stands for expertise, authority, and trustworthiness.

E-A-T is a metric introduced in Google’s search quality guidelines that values evidence-based content written by knowledgeable writers within their area of expertise.

As of now, AI-based content lacks the required experience and expertise to meet E-A-T criteria for certain content types.


Policy Regarding AI is Evolving


A Google representative stated that they are discussing an internal policy on using AI to create content and have not yet finalized it.

The company said that it would announce the policy once it is determined. Google SEO


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